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ixing Drilling Tools, as a pioneer in the leading technology of rotary digging picks and wear-resistant coatings, we will try our best to meet the increasing needs of users and create greater value for users. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to achieve the most advanced technology. Provide products that are closest to the needs of users, and provide high-quality picks and after-sales services for the growing market.
While insisting on the supremacy of users, the company continues to vigorously develop and promote the Jixing brand strategy, and has applied for a number of patents. The future of these advanced technologies will give Jixing brand new connotations, new experiences and new values. Please believe that, All employees and partners of Jixing will continue to work hard to create, develop, produce and sell the best products and services with technical and price advantages. We will uphold the "standard and professional" business philosophy, continue to innovate, and grow together with customers. Create brilliance!
Jixing Drilling Tools implements a global brand strategy, and strives to spread its products to every corner of the world!


Yanggu Jixing Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in foundation drilling tools, trenching tools, tunnel tools, coal mine tools, crushing tools, and rotary drilling tools.




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