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Jixing brand strategy

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Jixing brand strategy

Jixing brand strategy

Jixing Drilling Tools, as a pioneer in the leading technology of rotary digging picks and wear-resistant coatings, we will try our best to meet the increasing needs of users and create greater value for users. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to achieve the most advanced technology. Provide products that are closest to the needs of users, and provide high-quality picks and after-sales services for the growing market

While insisting on the supremacy of users, the company continues to vigorously develop and promote the Jixing brand strategy, and has applied for a number of patents. The future of these advanced technologies will give Jixing brand new connotations, new experiences and new values. Please believe that, All employees and partners of Jixing will continue to work hard to create, develop, produce and sell the best products and services with technical and price advantages. We will uphold the "standard and professional" business philosophy, continue to innovate, and grow together with customers. Create brilliance!

Jixing Drilling Tools implements a global brand strategy, and strives to spread its products to every corner of the world!

Product advantages:

Jixing picks are produced using drawings. The computer calculates the weight of the picks and then cuts the material. After being extruded by warm extrusion technology, it is formed without flash burrs, no oxide skin, and the material utilization rate reaches more than 95%.

The pick adopts warm extrusion technology to manufacture the tooth body. Warm extrusion is the pressure forming of the material at the metal recrystallization temperature. The forming temperature is about 600-800 degrees Celsius. Within this temperature range, the metal no longer has oxidation and grain growth. Large forging defects can recover and recrystallize during the deformation process, and accompanied by a partial normalizing process, can significantly change the metallographic structure of the tooth body, refine the grain, and improve the impact toughness of the pick.

1 Tungsten carbide coated pick:

Jixing's tungsten carbide coating strengthening technology is the first at home and abroad. It can prepare a cemented carbide-grade tungsten carbide coating on the surface of the pick head. The content of the coating's tungsten carbide is 80% (weight ratio). The wear resistance is dozens of times higher than that of plasma cladding or laser cladding. Under high-temperature corrosion working conditions, the working life of the pick can be increased several times.

Pick performance: Pick cemented carbide is composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal material, and it is also very brittle. After being synthesized with soft cobalt, it forms an alloy with high hardness and wear resistance. To withstand the super impact load, we use high-grade materials with high cleanliness to ensure the best sintering ability. Our use of expensive and high-quality alloys is the basis for our picks to have first-class quality. Different applications require different quality. Cemented carbide, our products can not only guarantee the anti-wear ability in the design, but also guarantee the necessary impact toughness

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